"I am sleeping so well and  feel rested in the morning... Thank you Dr Groza for changing my life!! - LB

"I am so happy to be off the CPAP machine. Better results with mouth guard than the machine" - RR 

"I now have dreams. I don't have to worry about my snoring bothering other people. I feel happier and more rested. Dr Groza pays attention to the details and is meticulous in her work! The oral appliance is easy to use and took minimal time to adjust to it. I can't say enough good things about my experience in your clinic! I hope more people find out about this solution to sleep apnea!" - KM

"Attention to detail and patient experience. Thank you! I am thrilled with how well the oral appliance treated my sleep apnea!" - LW

"Amazing job! Thank you so much!!  Dr Groza did an amazing job with the overall care of my device. Follow ups were prompt and productive. I am very happy with my device and the overall care I received." - WH

"A much better night's sleep" - CC

"I am so thankful for Dr. Groza. Each visit I traveled 124 miles round-trip to experience her care and it was worth every mile. I enjoyed my appointments with her. She is so knowledgeable, personable and caring! My sleep apnea is now well under control. Thank you Dr Groza! Also Carol was a friendly, helpful assistant!" - CP 

"When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, I was working on a master's degree and having a terrible time concentrating.  I would read the same material several times and still have trouble extracting meaning and applying what I'd read. I thought I just needed to study longer and harder because the material was challenging and technical - but this was hard to do because I was falling asleep all the time too!  I was just barely managing to do good work in my classes, but I didn't really feel I was absorbing the material well. Choosing to work with Dr. Liana Groza at Spokane Sleep Apnea Dentistry to treat my sleep apnea with an oral appliance was one of the best choices I've ever made.  

As we got the oral appliance adjusted to the right setting and confirmed that it was working with another sleep study, my grades in my master's program went up and I finally felt excited to learn again. I was able to absorb and apply the high-level technical computer science and statistics material I was studying and finally felt that I was getting the most out of my master's program. I already knew in general that sleep is important, but I had really underestimated the impact sleep apnea was having on my learning.

I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Groza's attention to patient concerns and technical details and I am thrilled with the results of working with her to treat my sleep apnea.  She is smart, knowledgeable, experienced, and she makes time to focus on details to make sure her patients receive the best possible care. I could not have asked for a better treatment of my sleep apnea or a better experience in a doctor's office.  Thank you!"

-L.W. MIDS Candidate (Master of Information and Data Science)

"Dr Groza went out of her way for scheduling appointments, helping with my insurance - best experience I've ever had with a medical/dental office" - MA

"Dr. Groza is very thorough and exact. She took the time with me to get the best results with the oral sleep apnea device. I never had this experience before with other providers. I sleep and feel so much better. Thank you!"  PCM

"Dr Groza is kind, diligent and clearly prioritizes my needs as her patient, despite my travel schedule. Wonderful experience" - OM

"Dr Groza is passionate about her work and helping patients receive the best outcome is her goal. She is respectful, kind and an expert in her field. A true professional! Thank you!" - JC

"Knowing I didn't want a CPAP, the OAT was a great alternative" - CC

 I am impressed by the top quality and professionalism in this clinic. Dr. Groza and the staff go the extra mile to tailor the best treatment to each patient. They follow up consistently with patients and their primary physicians - in effect ensure the best long term outcome without discomfort.”  - SB

“Great courtesy and care. Great follow-through. Dr Groza recognized an extreme need and relentlessly followed this up with kind and sensitive solutions”  - SM

"Dr Groza is well-educated and very, very helpful"  - JE  

"Kind explanation and patience, good results - much better than CPAP" - SL

"Dr Liana is very nice, professional and informative" - DV"

"Dr G. very caring! Enjoyable, very friendly, made my visits comfortable - not like going to the doctor at all!" - MS

"Very professional and knowledgeable about OSA" - HL

What did you appreciate most about your experience with
Spokane Sleep Apnea Dentistry?

"Personal attention, on time appointments, the help the appliance gave me in such a short time" - HL

"Dr Groza was relentless in her pursuit to make me happy and to achieve a great outcome" - RR

“Knowledge and ability to work with my schedule” - MD

"Timely appointments to move the process forward" - PG

"Dr. Groza was very aggressive in getting the best results” - CF

"All the help they gave me. Now I sleep all night" - DS

"Dr Groza's knowledge, professionalism, and total commitment to informing and treating her patients!" - SA

"Professional and quality service" - ET

"Great care and very accommodating" - DV

"Very personable and never felt rushed. Dr Groza explained in detail and answered all questions in full" - JH

"Loving care and genuine concern about me and my health. Took time to make sure I was getting the best care provided. I felt very comfortable and important." - AM

Friendliness, top expertise, raising my awareness about sleep apnea (IMHO a real eye opener!)”   - SB

“Personal service” - MC

"The level of knowledge, compassion and commitment Dr Groza has for this condition and her patients" - DD

"Dr Groza's pleasant nature and professionalism. I always felt understood and well-attended. Each office visit and procedure helped me learn more and become confident in using my dental device" - JE

"Dr Groza's follow-up and genuine concern for my success were very much appreciated" - BR

"Attention to detail and thorough explanations" - BK

"How personable and helpful everyone was once I came there" - JD

"Dr Groza always answered all my questions and was very informative and helpful" - HW

"Helpfulness" - JS

Overall, how would you rate your experience with 
Spokane Sleep Apnea 


“Excellent” - JS

"Excellent" -  JH

"Excellent" - MS

"Excellent" - WH

"Excellent" - KM

"Excellent" - OM

"Excellent" - LB

"Excellent" - JC

"Excellent" - MC

"Excellent" - LW

“Excellent” - CF

“Excellent” - MD

“Very Good” - SM

“Excellent” - SB

“Excellent” - ET

"Very Good" - DS

"Excellent" - JE

"Very Good" - SL

"Excellent" - BK

"Excellent" - DV

"Excellent" - JD

"Very Good" - KR

"Excellent" - BR

"Excellent" - AM

"Very Good" - DD

"Excellent" - SA

"Excellent" - CP

"Very good" - PM

"Excellent" - CC

"Excellent" - LP

"Excellent" - PG

"Excellent" - HW

"Excellent" - MA